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Just Say Words Podcast

Nov 22, 2017

On this episode I shout out the latest podcasts I was inspired by, I was Pod Tagged so I talk my school days, I talk about support, Wes Goodman and his sex scandal, Creepy neighbors and bringing new dishes to Thanksgiving and Trash Desserts. In news: Trans Racial Man feels like he’s Filipino, A Florida Woman rang up $1800 worth of Electronics and only paid $18 at a Walmart self checkout and more. Please be sure to leave ratings, comments and reviews on iTunes and Stitcher. Share the link, like and comment on Soundcloud. Hashtag: #WordsPod Sponsor - Sudio Headphones - use the Promo Code WORDSPOD to save 15% Products of BCD - Use the Promo Code WORDSPOD to save 10% Facebook: Email: T-Shirts: or Twitter: Promos GameFly Loot Crate: Podcast: Soundcloud: iOs: